Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ethical Democracy -- Can Hillary pass the test?

Ethical Democracy -- Can Hillary pass the test?
I think the main responsibility of a voter is to try to encourage ethical practices in all the candidates. I am now focusing on Hillary Clinton. Will she be capable of leading ethically? I think that remains to be seen.

On healthcare Hillary is demonstrating that she has the collective good of all Americans at the center of her health policy initiative. Good going Hillary.

Iraq? Not so good Hillary. You did not vote your conscience. You did not vote your intelligence. Instead you voted a pro-Zionist agenda because you need to appease your New York electorate. You have expressed no humane concern for the sufferings of the Iraqi people. You have not shown that you have a better grasp of geopolitical relations in that area of West Asia and North East Africa that the US pretends(following the language of the imperial Brits) is the Middle East. Middle of what? East of where? That region is part of Asia and Africa.

Iran? I have not heard you say anything or do anything that would separate you from the neocons and the Christian Right or anyone in the Bush regime. As far as I can see you are a white Condoleezza, a muted version of a female Cheney.

Palestine? Do you support a two-state solution with Israel giving back what it stole in 1945?

South Asia, Latin America, Africa and the rest of the world? Under your leadership, is the US going to meddle in everybody's business, manipulate other nation-states, devour their resources -- or is the US under your possible presidency, going to learn with humility to be a responsible, non-supremacist, less racist, less genocide-prone global player?

I am going to try to give you a chance because you appear to be just a tad more credible than the sorry truckload of abysmal candidates all of whom appear to be significantly lacking in an ethical leadership stance, locally and globally.

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