Friday, November 2, 2012

Q. Is the World Getting Flatter? 
Q. Are we becoming more and more like each other?
Q. Implying possibly that we are gradually losing individuality?
Q. Thomas ("The World is Flat") Friedman has a point but is it the whole point?

Both the short term and long answer is: no, and again, no!

Arguably, people across the entire world are becoming ever more unique and special and one-of-a-kind, however, at the very same time as they are sharing information about daily events in real time.

While there may be homogenity of material culture example, laptops, cellphones, air travel, we are developing varied and numerous subcultures -- vegans, animal activists, transgenders, political hacktivists, artisanal tomato growers, etc etc.

I think there is a danger to individuals when for example, the corporate global culture of fast food produces higher and higher rates of OBESITY in even the poorer counties. 

What can each of us do? 
Choose our lifestyles carefully, think Globally, Act Locally and work nonviolently for PEACE with FAIRNESS towards ALL. 

Fairness towards the poor and the disadvantaged helps lessen inequality of access and increases equality of opportunity

No one should be left behind in the new Global Village that is Planet Earth. 
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