Saturday, May 7, 2011

USSA not SAARC, USSA not AfPak



United States of South Asia


Not South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAARC is a regional civil service bureaucrat's attempt to manage, contain and restrict the yearnings of the South Asian PEOPLE.

SAARC as geopolitical concept is not sustainable in view of momentous, geopolitical events sweeping South Asia. SAARC, formally established in 1985, has accomplished practically nothing.

It is abundantly clear that Pakistan and Afghanistan, acting alone, frequently acting against each other, cannot sustain their people against USCIA and USNATO acting at will, that overrun their sovereign territories, in the so-called AfPak.

AfPak is a geopolitical construct intended to dislocate South Asia peoples by inventing neo-imperial identities and neo-imperial territories that do NOT exist on the ground. Nobody in Lahore or Kandahar, Swat or Kabul(or even Abbottabad!) walks around saying "I'm male, 6ft 2 and i'm AfPak."

AfPak is not a South Asian identity on any level -- personal, national, regional or geopolitical.

AfPak is a convenient, self-serving ad hoc invention of the Pentagon, The US Department of State, USCIA and The White House under President Obama. The US Congress didn't come up with AfPak, AfPak is not even in the interests of the American People (yes and millions of others I voted Obama to prevent a Mccain-Palin debacle), AfPak prevents the American People from escaping the stranglehold of a $trillion plus debt from unnecessary war in South Asia. AfPak is against

The bottom line is AfPak a self-serving geopolitical construct of US neo-imperialism, colluding with South Asia's postcolonial post-feudal militaristic landed elites, using religion as a convenient ploy to divide peoples and land, to dislocate people from land.

Want to be reminded of an earlier self-agrandising geopolitical construct now in wide, ethically unsupportable use? The "Middle East".

The term Middle East invented by the colonizing, resource-extracting Brits circa 1900 implies a similar attempt by Empire to dislocate and dispossess the Peoples of West Asia and North Africa. Middel East? Middle of What? East of Where? No folks, its West Asia. It's North Africa. It's PLACE, not SPACE.

USSA is the way forward for ALL South Asians striving for peace through prosperity. For a borderless seamless stability through Social Justice and through economic opportunity. Peacde without scoial and economic justice is a non-starter, a no-brainer, a no-go, a no-show.

The move towards USSA is pragmatic idealism. The move towards USSA is pragmatic ethical geopolitics. It's an embracing, pervasive South Asia Idea.