Friday, November 9, 2012

 Power Parity
Election 2012 is over.
If the WOMEN we vote into power on OUR behalf, are really white males in female clothing, that will not help. 
If we elect women, who have bought into patriarchal rules of dominant and unequal power and they win, that will not help women obtain parity of power.

We need to develop a critical mass of women of will lead and vote smart policy that benefits the Greater Common Good, 
The GCG is gender-neutral.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Q. Is the World Getting Flatter? 
Q. Are we becoming more and more like each other?
Q. Implying possibly that we are gradually losing individuality?
Q. Thomas ("The World is Flat") Friedman has a point but is it the whole point?

Both the short term and long answer is: no, and again, no!

Arguably, people across the entire world are becoming ever more unique and special and one-of-a-kind, however, at the very same time as they are sharing information about daily events in real time.

While there may be homogenity of material culture example, laptops, cellphones, air travel, we are developing varied and numerous subcultures -- vegans, animal activists, transgenders, political hacktivists, artisanal tomato growers, etc etc.

I think there is a danger to individuals when for example, the corporate global culture of fast food produces higher and higher rates of OBESITY in even the poorer counties. 

What can each of us do? 
Choose our lifestyles carefully, think Globally, Act Locally and work nonviolently for PEACE with FAIRNESS towards ALL. 

Fairness towards the poor and the disadvantaged helps lessen inequality of access and increases equality of opportunity

No one should be left behind in the new Global Village that is Planet Earth. 
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

DAYTONA BEACH—Mitt Romney accused President Barack Obama of running a campaign based on "petty attacks" and "silly word games" and accused his rival of having "...See More
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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Yeah, tell 'em Karzai, Stand Up, Speak Out
Hey Good work Karzai, stand up and speak out against U.S. invasion and Occupation of Afghanistan.

The U.S. Govt has sent its own young men and women, mainly poor persons of color and not college educated, to die in Afghanistan, and to kill as many innocent Afghans and Pakistanis as possible.

Because the U,S. Govt is Greedy and Violent.
The U.S. Govt is the 1%
We the People are the 99% -- whether we live in Afghanistan, Pakistan or the USA!

Take note -- Afghanistan is a gr8 place for the U.S. Govt to attack Iran and steal her oil, defend Israel, attack Palestine and exploit Pakistan's weak state.
And also steal Afghanistan's enormous extractable resources which have been detailed by the USGS -- United States Geological Survey.

 Remember the U.S. govt is not US!
Never confuse the American govt with the American PEOPLE.

Occupy the USA!

Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice Blog

LIMA, Peru (AP) — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta lashed back at Afghan President Hamid Karzai Friday, saying the Afghan leader should say thank you now and then to the allied forces who are fighting and dying there, rather than criticizing them.
Panetta was responding to Karzai's complaints Thursday that the U.S. is failing to go after militants based in Pakistan, and instead is concentrating on the insurgents in Afghanistan.
"We have made progress in Afghanistan because there are men and women in uniform who have been willing to fight and die for Afghanistan's sovereignty," Panetta snapped, as he spoke with reporters traveling with him to South America. "Those lives were lost fighting the right enemy not the wrong enemy and I think it would be helpful if the president, every once in a while, expressed his thanks for the sacrifices that have been made by those who have fought and died for Afghanistan, rather than criticizing them."
The uncharacteristic shot from Panetta comes as tensions between the two countries have escalated over the increase in insider attacks, where Afghan security forces or insurgents dressed in their uniforms have turned their guns on coalition troops. And it raises the temperature on the heels of the announcement that, as of last weekend, 2,000 U.S. troops had lost their lives in the war.
At the same time, however, there is persistent frustration with the insurgents, including members of the Haqqani network, who wage attacks against coalition forces in Afghanistan and can then retreat to their safe havens in Pakistan. U.S. officials have repeatedly pressed Islamabad to more forcefully go after the insurgents, including Haqqani factions in and around North Waziristan.
But, the U.S. also routinely uses drone strikes across the border into Pakistan to target and kill militants.
Karzai spoke at a press conference, complaining that if NATO troops want to go after terrorists they need to go where their safe havens are. And he also expressed frustration that Afghan forces aren't getting the weapons they need from NATO allies, suggesting Afghanistan might have to go to other countries such as China and Russia to get them.
Panetta's sharp retort also comes just days before he and other NATO defense ministers meet in Brussels to discuss the war and the road ahead, as allied forces begin to withdraw and transfer security to the Afghans. And the exchanges could fuel concerns among NATO allies that the insider attacks may be eroding trust between coalition and Afghan troops, making security transition all the more difficult.
Panetta last met with Karzai in May when he traveled to Afghanistan to meet with commanders and visit troops before the holidays. Both Panetta and Marine Gen. John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, will attend the NATO meeting.
Asked whether the insider attacks could prompt some allies to seek a faster withdrawal from Afghanistan, Panetta reaffirmed support for the current timeline that has combat troops leaving the warzone by the end of 2014 and turning security over to the Afghan forces. Officials have said that as many as 20,000 U.S. troops could remain over time, to continue training and counterterrorism efforts.
"My goal is to make clear to NATO and to our allies that we are taking all steps necessary to confront this issue and that it should not be allowed to deter us from the plan that General Allen put in place," Panetta said.
To date there have been 53 NATO troops killed in insider attacks, prompting military leaders to briefly curtail some partnered operations and set up a new approval process for those that involve smaller units.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Governments Speak instead of PEOPLE

India, the world's largest democracy is kissing U.S. ass

What is our problem?

If the PEOPLE of a postcolonial democracy, familiar with occupation and oppression, cannot stand up for ourselves and speak in our own diverse collective voices and push back against our kissup government, then what is our democracy worth?

When the greedy violent U.S. Govt asks us in India to jump (take the case of U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil), all the Indian govt. seems to be able to ask is:

How high?

Got to find our voice, the PEOPLE's voice at home and abroad. No govt can be allowed or expected to speak on behalf of its PEOPLE.

Same problem for my fellow Americans.

Occupy was a good start but not really grassroots or deeply, rigorously democratic. The core value of American individualism currently impedes collective endeavor.
In the Occupy movement this hyperindividualism is apparent among the majority of participants. 
Too many people saying in effect, "Watch me do me." 
Instead of Watch me do WE."

Q. Where's  OUR PEOPLE's pushback in India and the U.S. the world's largest democracies, when our allegedly elected govt. becomes oppressive or subservient to military/corporate vested interests?

The fault lies not in our stars, but with US, the PEOPLE.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Ethical Energy* Gandhi used to begin his workday by cleaning latrines in a community. Every elected and nominated official and everyone of US 99ers might want to come up with *their own variation of Gandhi's example*. As for me, I clean my neighborhood Park EVERY DAY while I am walking my dog BabyBax. Y' know, pick up litter, broken beer bottles, cigarette butts in a plastic bag that I bring from home. The NYC Parks&Recreation people love me because I work right along with them and I don't accept money for my COMMUNITY SERVICE which is my dutiful obligation in a LIVING DEMOCRACY. Yaaay, i'm just sayin' note: (my coined phrase Ethical Energy is copyrighted in Creative Commons which covers this blog)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The One is the Other The Other is the One

Advaita is one source of universal humanism.
Q. What is the philosophical source of the Sanskrit phrase vasudhaiva kutumbakam? [ the Earth is One Family]?
The main point of philosophies of the universal condition, is not necessarily even the phrase vasudhaiva kutumbakam which is an existential fact (Hitopdesa 12 century CE ) but the philosophy of advaita itself ( 7th century CE) — nondual consciousness points to this universality — if we practice nondual consciousness which is our true self, atmam, then the One is the Other, the Other is the One, therefore vasudhaiva kutumbakam The Earth is One Family
Think about the connectedness of these ideas with African (ubuntu), Native American (Great Spirit) and other ancient philosophies of a possible human trajectory that develops us rather than limits or even destroys us, through our own thoughts and actions. We face a choice -- universality vs implosive nihilism.

In fact the ideal of vasudhaiva kutumbakam is preceded and predated by Advaita and is both evolutionary and revolutionary, like advaita itself.

Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Separation -- A Film for US the 99%

A Separation is a film for US. the 99%

A Separation -- Film by Asghar Farhadi, Country: Iran,
A Separation is an extraordinary Film that illustrates the human condition.
It is simultaneously personal, psychological, political, religious, economic and universal.
The film deservedly won the Golden Bear and the Golden Globe.
I saw it yesterday in Manhattan.

The official response from the Govt of Iran to the awards, is to be expected. No surprise there.
It is a government of a country, a government that has been made reactionary, because it has long under siege, first by colonial interests, then by neo-imperial manipulation by the U.S. Govt, -- not by US, but by the U.S.

Such governments become distorted, even to themselves and their peoples, in their actions and responses. Ditto U.S., Ditto Iran. However, whatever, no matter that that government (and especially its oppressor, the U.S. Govt.) , no matter what they say or do, cannot lessen the power of the film.

A Separation manages to vividly tell a human story about perceptions of truth, affection, power, class, loyalty, tradition and loss, a film hat has the capacity to touch US -- that is, if we are not fooled [by propaganda from the govt. of U.S. which is the principal perpetrator OR by the govt of Iran, which is in turn reactionary to neo-imperial assault], and if WE are receptive to the conditions and challenges that WE the People face, no matter where we live, in the process of becoming FAIR members of the Global Social, Economic & Political Order.

A Separation is a film for US. the 99%

Friday, January 6, 2012

CORPORATE google vs. Creative Google

CORPORATE google vs. CREATIVE google
Shame on Corporate Google for BLOCKING access to my gmail mailbox.
Millions of mailboxes have been similarly blocked. Millions of users have complied as if they were sheep.
My gmail inbox continues to be BLOCKED for the 4th day.
That's corporate dictatorship!

Hey Corporate Google, Learn a lesson from Yahoo! Yahoo! has never coerced its users into viewing Yahoo! product promos as a pre-condition for using their email.
I know. I have had a Yahoo! mailbox for over 10 years.
i say Shame on ugly CORPORATE Google, while admiring the innovative CREATIVE side of Google operations example your search and research engines.
you have blocked access to my inbox until i watch your stupid video claiming your "new look' . Guess you have to try to impress your shareholders.

As someone who thinks deeply and ACTS proactively about democracy I maintain there is a significant difference between shareholders and STAKEHOLDERS in a democracy.

For those in your corporate operations who might argue that I have a choice -- either comply with corporate google or lose access to my mailbox -- my Q is: Is that a legitimate choice?

I am a STAKEHOLDER in civil society in democracy, NOT a shareholder in your corporate operations.

1. CORPORATE google, You have no legal or moral right to block access to my gmail inbox

2. CORPORATE google, You have no legal or moral right to coerce me into watching some corporate video about how new and improved your product is, as a prerequisite to having access to my gmail inbox.

I REFUSE to WATCH YOUR VIDEO about your self-proclaimed 'new look'

A Corporation is NOT a person! Therefore -- what 'new look'?!

Are you less totalitarian than China? They've been kicking your butt. You deserve each other! That's what totalitarianism looks like, boardroom mirror anyone?

If my mailbox continues to be BLOCKED by Corporate Google, I will take recourse.

Professor Chithra KarunaKaran
City University of New York [CUNY]
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice
Google's alleged "new look"
Here's my point:
Even the most forward looking corporates attempt to control individual action. In other words, they think they can tell you what you want and what you need.
Today I found Google blocking access to my gmail inbox
Google wanted me to view the 'new look' they supposedly have imparted to their email services.
Google does not provide a simple "No thanks, I'm happy with my service just the way it is",
Instead, Google BLOCKED access to my Inbox.
You are required to watch their dumb video telling you about their "new look"
For now. I am refusing to comply with Google's dictatorial approach.
Hey Google, I don't watch to watch your enforced video about how great your 'new look' is.

Corporate Google,Allow me to say "No thanks" to your new look and stop BLOCKING my inbox.

What Corporate google policy is this? Sanctions? Embargo?