Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ethical Democracy is GREEN Democracy

As I continue to investigate for my own understanding, what it takes to make progress toward becoming an ethical democratic nation-state, I became interested in the role of IT's in helping us develop ethical green democratic nation-states.

Global South nation-states can learn from such models especially when they are located in Global South nation-state geopolitical contexts.

I was encouraged by the following news report which contained a lot of measurable specifics:

Patni centre gets LEED Platinum rating

Green IT-BPO centre
Patni centre gets LEED Platinum rating
The eco-friendly facility is now the largest LEED Platinum rated building outside USA and the second largest in the world
Friday, October 03, 2008
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BANGALORE, INDIA: Patni Computer Systems, a leading global IT and BPO services provider was awarded the prestigious LEED Platinum (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) rating for its Green IT-BPO Centre inaugurated earlier this year in Noida.

Set up with an investment of Rs. 175 crores, this Green IT-BPO centre is spread over 5 acres of land and seats over 3,500 people. It has been jointly audited by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) and US Green Building Council (USGBC) and publicly reviewed by the more than 10,000 membership organizations that currently constitute the USGBC. The LEED Platinum rating recognizes the company's commitment to superior standards of quality, and efficient utilization and conservation of energy, water and natural resources.

Commenting on the occasion, Narendra. K. Patni, Chairman & CEO, Patni said, "We are extremely proud of achieving the LEED Platinum certification for our Knowledge Centre. This reiterates Patni's commitment to energy conservation to reduce adverse environmental impact. A Platinum certification is indeed a significant step for Patni as we consciously embrace a greener business model."

Said P. C. Jain, Chairman of the IGBC, "We are delighted that a leading IT and BPO organization like Patni is one of the front runners in the green architecture brigade. We are confident that Patni's initiative will inspire other companies to pledge their support for environment conservation."

Patni currently offers a variety of outsourcing facilities and this Centre will support the company as it diversifies into other areas of operation. It will also give Patni employees a healthier and environmentally-friendly workplace, thereby increasing productivity levels. Studies from institutes like IGBC have shown that there is almost a 15% increase in employee productivity by using such green initiatives.

Green facts on Patni Knowledge Centre

* Climate responsive architecture
* Over 50% green area
* 75% of the area receives natural daylight
* 95% of the occupants get access to outside views
* Zero discharge building; 100% recycling of sewage
* Drip water irrigation and solar water heating
* Interior materials with low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions
* Healthy air quality with CO2 sensors for adding fresh air on demand
* Maximum use of eco-friendly recyclable material.
also check this out -- green IT in Silicon Valley:

How Did U.S. Individualism Become U.S. Exceptionalism?

Individualism is the core value of the U.S. nation state.

At what point did U.S. Individualism become U.S. Exceptionalism?

I'm in the process of researching this question mainly for my own understanding of what it takes for a sovereign nation-state to develop Ethical Democracy.


Because lessons from the U.S. history of democratic nation-statehood can be important cautionary lessons, as other nation-states, particularly in the Global South develop more complex democratic institutions and democratic civil society.
Our Global South nation-states can attempt to avoid the destructive trajectory of U.S style militarist predatory market fundamentalism masquerading as democracy.