Monday, May 11, 2009

Zardari says India "not a threat to Pakistan"

Zardari says India not a threat to Pakistan

Zardari's statement that India is not a threat to Pakistan, provides India with a credible opportunity to praise Pakistan's leadership for this long overdue,publicly stated position. India can go further and show initiative in advancing people-to-people exchanges, which suffered a serious setback on 26/11.

Now is absolutely NOT the moment to be adversarial, petty minded and cynical about Pakistan's leaders and the India Pakistan relationship. It is diplomatically in India's interest but, more important, in the interest of BOTH of our civil societies, to take Zardari at his word, and hold Zardari to his word, especially when Pakistan is being pressured by the heavy-handed military and anti-civilian tactics of the US.

Nothing will change the fact that the US is the state sponsor of terror in the South Asian region and that since the early 50's, the US has manipulated and exploited Pakistan, weakened by Brit-driven Partition in 1947. Divide and Rule is an especially effective weapon of both colonial and neo-imperial strategy. Indians & Pakistanis (together w/Afghans) have to find every possible way to defeat US designs in the region.
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