Sunday, July 26, 2009

Caste-driven Inequality Mindset -- Systemic Casteness

In India, public policy continues to be shaped by the caste-driven inequality mindset.

IF we become aware of the power and influence of this core supremacist ideology of caste inequality that has shaped our social structure for roughly two thousand years, we can dismantle major parts of this ideology for the benefit of the Greater Collective Good (GCG). The GCG can be quantified as a measurable indicator of social justice within a given society.

The caste-driven inequality mindset can be seen in every aspect of public policy.

Subsidies for education of the middle class (occupied by the dominant castes) but lack of universal primary education (which would benefit the oppressed castes) after 60+ plus years of independence from colonialism.

Instead of assertively investing in public mass transit which would equalize access, India has favored the automobile (an elite strategy that intersects with dominant caste preferences.

It is interesting that Indian policy makers speak of forward castes and backward castes when the fact is they are dominant castes and oppressed castes respectively. I need not elaborate on the ever expanding identification of OBCs and MBCs which form the news caste system of post-independent India. These become more groups to be oppressed by the dominant castes.

Instead of a national shelter policy India has favored a policy approach that results in increasing numbers of homeless and of so-called slum clearance as local policy.

The examples given above can be expanded to include every policy of the Indian elite -- the Caste-driven Inequality Mindset. Systemic Casteness is the Indian rule.

Every social group has its own ideology of promoting inequality or advancing equality. In India the caste ideology of inequality drives our public policy. It would be beneficial to critically examine this overarching supremacist core ideology that shapes the mindset of the leaders and the led.

Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice

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