Monday, November 29, 2010

WikiLeaks Gets It! Wikileaks Gets It Out!

Wiki-L is shining a light in the most covert areas of US foreign policy.

Inconvenient truths are emerging, by the minute. Let all the factual evidence come out.

Then we can begin building the Truth, for Truth is emphatically a construction, as well as relativistic and absolutist, build up Truth on a foundation of Facts.

That is good for future prospects for Democracy everywhere, including in the US.

WikiLeaks is playing a role in exposing Saudi Arabia's role in West Asia.

WikiLeaks is playing a role in re-arranging the West Asia aka the Middle East, I never call it the Middle East, middle of what east of where?) dynamic, especially Iran's relations with Saudi Arabia.

If WikiLeaks succeeds in bringing down the Saudi government and unleashes democratic forces in Saudia, that would be the best thing for the entire region.

That will take along while, largely because of the US role in propping up Saudia's feudal dictatorship, for the sole purpose of getting cheap oil for American consumers and for the US war machine.

WikiLeaks Gets it, WikiLeaks Gets it Out -- and India Looks Better by the Minute. Keep going India, keep going on Gandhi's path.

Q. Will Norway dare to show courage and give Assange the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize? Probably not.
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