Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ethical Voters can EDUCATE a Progressive candidate like Obama

Ethical democracy and an ethical candidacy are the need of the hour.
We need ethical debate.It’s important that Barack Obama continue to speak as he did about educational inequities for Blacks and other ‘minority majorities’ of color (when we stand together we are a majority). It’s important that Obama continue to mention Jena because it has become a national symbol of continuing racial hatred/bias/prejudice by a whole new generation of whites against blacks.

The mis-education and dis-information fed to the shop-until-they-drop American public by their white-controlled media ( see Bill Moyers of PBS, on the FCC) and their government as well as some of the current candidates will no doubt continue unabated.

But candidates like Obama can speak authentically about racism and inequity even if they might have been generationally too young to directly take leadership in the civil rights struggles of the 60’s.
Maybe Obama should have said “Everybody has got a WHITE sheep in the family.” when he referred to that white supremacist and neo-imperialist Dick Cheney. That would have got the attention of his supporters and the media.
It would have reversed the stereotype and jogged people’s thinking.
People get the government they deserve. It is up to progressive voters to educate progressive candidates like Obama so that he will continue to address/offer solutions on issues of economic justice, civil rights, healthcare, housing and education, foreign policy (with the US as an ethically responsible player not a predatory one).
Chithra KarunaKaran

— Posted by Chithra KarunaKaran


dsf said...

"It would have reversed the stereotype and jogged people’s thinking."

No, not really. The only white people who listen to Obama are the more left leaning of Democrats. Moderate white Democrats favor Edwards and are starting to reconsider Hillary. With one or two exceptions, any of the Republican candidates are likely to beat either Obama or Hillary.

Why do Democrats keep nominating presidential candidates who cannot win the moderate and independent voters?

Chithra.KarunaKaran said...

dsf, thx for your post. Hopefully if we keep raising our voices and our ETHICAL concerns, voters regardless of color and regardless of political orientation will encourage the media to focus on the most ethically responsible candidate.

I consider myself a moderate independent voter and I am watching ALL the candidates.

I am capable of being persuaded by a candidate who puts his/her ETHICAL stance where her/his mouth is.
I think the ethical voter has to make sure they are heard in the public square.