Monday, June 29, 2009

India Govt. Too Chicken To Confront OZ Racism?

India Govt. Too Chicken To CONFRONT OZ Racism?

Why hasn't the India govt. sent a Special Representative, accompanied by affected family members, to OZ to meet with students to directly hear their trials and tribulations within racist OZ society?

Such a meeting should take place before the full glare of TV cameras. OZ has proved it is a racist society. The victims, our students, don't have to prove anything to the Ozzies, except to prove that their home government in India can and will act to protect them.

Manmohan and his crew need to step up and be counted on this issue. Please don't send mealy-mouthed bureaucrats, diplomats and some recently elected Congress wallahs in the Ministry of External Affairs (at least one name comes to mind), who are too afraid to speak out for fear of jeopardizing their new and unfolding careers in the Congress Party apparatus.

Instead, let the GOI send civil society / human rights activists who have proved their mettle. OZ needs to be told face to face by India that India will not tolerate racist brutal acts against our students. OZ takes our students' money which enriches OZ govt and OZ unis. and then OZ appears incapable to taking strong preemptive measures to protect our students against their homegrown racists?
29 Jun 2009, 1306 hrs IST
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