Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nuclear Iran Here To Stay, Too Bad USA

My NYTimes Comment #11.
New York City
February 11th, 2010
9:41 am
A Discriminatory International Nuclear Order

The international nuclear order cannot and must not discriminate against sovereign nation-states.

That order is now discriminatory, largely because that order has been hijacked by the US, via the UN In-Security Council.

Q. Is the US in fact saying that Israel can (it does!) have nuclear weapons, but Iran cannot?

Q. Does the US as bully-in-chief get to make the rules, or must the US comply with rules arrived at through consensus by intergovernmental agencies?

The US is on the wrong side of history on this and many other geopolitical issues.

What is the US global charter? The US charter is dominance and manipulation, instead of cooperation and compliance. (China, on its way to global economic and strategic dominance appears to be determined to make the same disastrous mistakes as the US).

Am I arguing for equal opportunity destruction? Obviously not. But I am arguing that the NATO powers, headed by the sanction-happy US, cannot prevent or impede scientific development of any sovereign nation-state, including Iran.

In Iran's case, it must be remembered that the US and UK (aka British Petroleum, BP) acted in tandem in 1953 to topple the popularly elected Mossadegh government, that was elected by Iranians, primarily because it favored State control of Iran's petroleum resources.

The US-CIA/UK installed the Shah (under whom Iran was coerced into signing the NPT) to do their bidding and the Shah was finally ousted by the Ayatollahs. That is the manipulated trajectory of Iran's recent history, in which the US blatantly intervened in the internal affairs of Iran, with disastrous long-term consequences.

When will the US learn? Not anytime soon.

Iran has every right to acquire nuclear capability.

Iran appears to have already acquired that capability.

Iran is now obligated to comply with international nuclear safety standards.

Unlike the US, Iran can attempt to develop its nuclear capability -- responsibly.

Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice
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