Saturday, June 16, 2012

When Governments Speak instead of PEOPLE

India, the world's largest democracy is kissing U.S. ass

What is our problem?

If the PEOPLE of a postcolonial democracy, familiar with occupation and oppression, cannot stand up for ourselves and speak in our own diverse collective voices and push back against our kissup government, then what is our democracy worth?

When the greedy violent U.S. Govt asks us in India to jump (take the case of U.S. sanctions on Iranian oil), all the Indian govt. seems to be able to ask is:

How high?

Got to find our voice, the PEOPLE's voice at home and abroad. No govt can be allowed or expected to speak on behalf of its PEOPLE.

Same problem for my fellow Americans.

Occupy was a good start but not really grassroots or deeply, rigorously democratic. The core value of American individualism currently impedes collective endeavor.
In the Occupy movement this hyperindividualism is apparent among the majority of participants. 
Too many people saying in effect, "Watch me do me." 
Instead of Watch me do WE."

Q. Where's  OUR PEOPLE's pushback in India and the U.S. the world's largest democracies, when our allegedly elected govt. becomes oppressive or subservient to military/corporate vested interests?

The fault lies not in our stars, but with US, the PEOPLE.

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