Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heat not LIGHT in Presidential Election 2008

responding to a political blog on NYTimes website.


Chithra Karunakaran's response:

This is the runup to Presidential Election 2008 and the heat (not LIGHT) is ON.

All the dangerously de-stabilizing posturing and unethical actions (for decades) by the U.S. (that includes the President, Congress and the glorified U.S. public) in West Asia and Africa (no, it's not the "Middle East")will not help the hapless Iraqi people who are the true heroes of this invasion and occupation by the US.

Now the US would turn its "shock and awe" on Iran?

I commend the Iranian people and their government for standing up to the U.S. Iran must do what is best for its people and its national interests, national interests which largely coincide with the national interests of most of the nation-states of the Non Aligned movement, (which Rice recently pooh poohed) and the Global South.

Neither the U.S. think tank policy wonks whose trumping identity and demographic is Zionist, nor the US govt nor the U.S. public (woefully ignorant and in shopping delirium) understands this worldview dynamic at all.

The U.S. is a dangerously unethical, military, consumerist, expansionist, resource-devouring, alleged 'democracy'
and the current political frontrunners of every stripe bear the stamp of that unethical, indefensible stance. That stance is unsustainable and will fall to the needs of the world's peoples who want peace, prosperity and national sovereignty that is not dictated by the supremacist U.S. The U.S. needs to develop collaborative and cooperative strategies that are integral to globalized membership.
Hear even one candidate voice such an interdependent worldview?
All politics is global while of course having local impact. I am delighted that the Indian government has nixed the Bush plan for Civilian Nuclear Cooperation.

The world's largest and economically progressive democracy has said NO the the 'democratic' U.S.

Can the country of Gandhi say Yes to the murdering Bush regime? NO.

India said NO.

Way to go India. Way to go Iran.
Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice

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