Monday, December 29, 2008

Tamil Nadu Politicians Support LTTE Terror?

The election frenzy here in Tamil Nadu is providing the context for disturbing new comments by the DMA AIADMK and their adherents. Both are calling for the Centre to send Pranab Mukherjee to Sri Lanka to intervene in Sri Lanka's internal affirs and to weaken the SL govt hand in its dealing with LTTE terror.both major parties contesting the elections and their coalition partners are playing the Tamil card to capture votes.
Sri Lanka is a sovereign nation-state. India needs to butt out.

more on this later as my blog is now traveling in South Asia


Anonymous said...

Not only the politicians, all the Tamil people are supporting the Eelam political struggle. You just shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

There want be an LTTE for Tamil Nadu to support in Sri Lanka. Of course Tamil Nadu can start their own campaign for EEelam in India with caders and even Praba who has run away from Sri Lanka.

Mind you they hide behind women and children when they are under pressure.