Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hunger, Shelter, Healthcare & Ethical Democracy

The focus on the roiled financial markets and the necessary focus on terror have made us take our eyes off the ball. What about basic needs? What about socio-economic justice? What about hunger, shelter, disease prevention and the obligation of the sovereign nation-state to provide these for its citizens?

more on this later..

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Enyonam said...

I agree with you! And coming from a nation (Ghana) and continent (Africa) where basic needs of the citizens of most of these countries are not met, I know first hand, have seen and witnessed the destruction these issues have created in the world. While the desperation spreads because of the lack of basic needs, the citizens of most of these nations have been completely disempowered. When you are hungry, who the government is, what they do, how corrupt they are does not factor into your life equation.

Only when the basic needs of the majority of people on this earth are met such as food, basic primary medical services, CLEAN water to drink, availability and possibility to receive an education to empower and elevate one's place in life, can we begin to cultivate a world citizenship that can and will hold its governments accountable and demand ethical democracy to its fullest extent.

The power of grassroots movements and their impact on the evolution of the human race in all occasions and on all issues, clearly shows us that it is the power of the whole that changes the whole and as long as people are hungry, have no shelter and are plagued by disease, the world citizenship can not truly galvanize the world's poor to fight for their rights and ethical democracy. So in many ways, its in the interest of the of "the powers that be" that the majority of human beings on this earth stay poor, hungry and without a means to live their lives, let alone allow them to grow and flourish, because when they disempowered and lack resources to organize, they can not demand their just due. I believe in socio-economic justice too, how do we bring those responsible to count, becomes the question.

Thank you Chithra for all your work in raising awareness to issues we must confront and for speaking on behalf of those with no voice or rather whose voices have been silenced!!