Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pakistan 1947 - 2009: From Cut & Paste Nation to Failed State

Both Pakistan and Israel face an ethical dilemma of origin.

Pakistan has had an ethical dilemma from the very beginning of its creation as a Muslim state. So has Israel in its creation as a Jewish state. Both are fragile, if not completely untenable propositions.

Modern sovereign nation-states cannot be securely established and indefinitely maintained on the basis of religion or ethnicity or any ONE factor because the PEOPLES of the world are globally interconnected, multiethnic, multireligious.

Where are the non-muslims and the non jews in these two nation-states? Are they to remain forever faceless and nameless?

More on this with a special focus on the years 1947 (birth of Pakistan) , 1948 (birth of Israel) & 2008 ( 11/26 and 12/28 Israel's attack on Gaza),

Both Pakistan and Israel raise vexing questions for the trajectory of ethical democracy. The end cannot justify the means. Ethical Democracy is not possible in either Pakistan or Israel. They are comparable.

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