Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Delhi Fog Toxic Cocktail Prepared by Capital Bureaucrats

"Thick Fog Hits Delhi" is a misleading newspaper headline in The Hindu January 6. It particular misleads young readers

Why? Because fog in Delhi is not a naturally occurring phenomenon. It is a direct byproduct of unrestricted unregulated air pollution.

Isn't Delhi Pachauri's backyard? What is TERI doing about this costly mess?

I have more thought to develop on this subject at a later time because my blog is now traveling in India.

But it seems to me airlines using Delhi International airport should try to recover losses from fog days. When international passenger and air cargo carriers deliver a blow to the Delhi civil aviation government pocketbook, that maybe (I'm not holding my breath even in the unacceptable Chennai air while writing this entry), when Delhi bureaucrats may shake off their own lethargy (which is not fog -induced), and they may perhaps sit up and take notice.

The failure of Delhi to invest in mass public transit has directly contributed to the air pollution that produces the toxic cocktail called Delhi Fog

An ethical democracy has to protect its vulnerable citizens against toxic pollutants.

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