Sunday, March 1, 2009

Human Rights Abuse Report 2008: The Fox-Chicken Coop Analogy
03/01/2009 :: 04:02:36 PM
Chithra KarunaKaran Says:

Which nation-state has bloodstained hands? A few. Is the US among them?

As a state sponsor of terror, example starting with the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; the invasion and occupation of VietNam; invasion and continuing occupation of Iraq; the toppling of Mossadegh in Iran; a 60-year track record of destabilizing elected governments and freedom movements in various parts of the world, what gives the US the right to monitor human rights in sovereign nation-states? The US should absolutely monitor its own egregious actions in violation of human rights and accept the condemnation of nonpartisan non-governmental groups like Amnesty and HRW.

The vitally important work of developing (rather than merely monitoring) human rights world-wide, is best carried out by a *combination* of intergovernmental orgs. like the UN, and NGOs like Amnesty and HRW.

The development of Ethical Democracy requires a far more equitable reordering of geopolitical power and civil society priorities.

Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice
see US and NATO out of South Asia
see Theory of Systemic Whiteness and related articles.

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