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Horror Terror Torture: The American Way

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Horror Terror Torture: The American Way

Q. Is torture by waterboarding to be set apart and conveniently isolated from the "banality of evil" of US foreign policy?

Q. Was "shock and awe" mass torture?

Q. Are today's drone raids that routinely kill civilians in Swat fly-by torture?

Q. Shall we continue to make convenient comforting distinctions between horror, terror, torture in US nation-state relations?

Maureen Dowd focuses on waterboarding torture as one example of Republican leaders' character corrosion. But really, is it just about torture or more broadly about the aforesaid 'banality of evil' in the US national political character? Is this corrosiveness a Condi-tion found just in Republicans of the Bush-Cheney era or widely distributed throughout the Beltway and beyond? That banality of evil is represented by the US nation-state, in which horror, terror, torture at the existential level, are inseparable. Ask the bleached bones at Hiroshima, the napalm burned skin in Vietnam all the way to today.

Chithra KarunaKaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice
New York Times copyright
Op-Ed Columnist: How Character Corrodes

The Republicans new-found concerns about checks and balances is touching, given what the Bush administration did to undermine the process.

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