Thursday, October 8, 2009

INTELLIGENT US Generals -- Oxymoron Or Just Plain Moron?

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New York City
October 8th, 2009
9:20 am
New York City
October 8th, 2009
8:50 am

Is an intelligent US General an oxymoron -- or just a Moron?

"President Obama’s national security team is arguing that the Afghan Taliban don’t pose a direct threat to the U.S." says this NYTimes article.

Can these generals, or anyone else, tell the difference between The Afghan Taliban, Pakistan Taliban, Al Queda and various other discontented and violent mainstream and fringe groups? Do they swipe their IDs at The Pentagon?

It defies reason for US generals to argue that the Taliban do not target US and US-led NATO. Have you seen NATO supply convoy trucks burning (and their artillery supplies probably confiscated) in the media pics?

Let me try to use logical reasoning here:

The US is targeting the Taliban.

The US is droning the heck out of Afghan civilians, killing an occasional unproven \"militant.\" who before the 1980's was just a resident of a locality in Afghanistan or Pakistan.

So esteemed generals with blood dripping from your hands, who would the Afghan Taliban target in retaliation? Afghan goats?

Now let us use the evidence to reason further:
Every Terror Attack in West Asia or South Asia Leads Back To the criminal US, sometimes in tandem with client states or extra-state actors, with the US exercising control over these alliances.

The US is actually responsible for all the terror attacks against its simultaneous occupations of parts of West Asia and South Asia.

Don't blame ISI, Taliban or Al AlQaeda. Did they exist before the US began to meddle, infiltrate West Asia and South Asia?

Pakistan was subjugated by the US Department of State beginning in the early 50's.

The US trained the Mujahideen during the Cold War that the US INVENTED to bring down the USSR. Today, those Mujahideen that Ronald Reagan praised are the Taliban. I don't think Obama is capable of learning any lessons from his predecessors, except to emulate their policy. He is as white as they are. And oh yes, i did vote for Obama becoz I thought he was a lesser evil than the McCain-Palin team. Wrong!

Yes, each terror entity named above should be brought to Justice -- at the same time the US govt. stands accused before the International Criminal Court.

Chithra Karunakaran

Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice
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President Obama’s national security team is arguing that the Afghan Taliban don’t pose a direct threat to the U.S.

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