Tuesday, October 27, 2009

We the Women

My NYT comment #11.
New York City
October 27th, 2009
8:30 am
New York City
October 27th, 2009
5:16 am

We need a new Pacifist Women's Movement, real men welcome.

\"Forced to confront?\" etc. etc.? Really, are the Germans \"forced\" to?

The US, through its geopolitical invention of the NATO construct (and other strategic constructs including CENTO and SEATO, even the UN In-Security Council), has successfully managed to entangle various sovereign nation-states and their respective peoples in war arrangements.

Germany should have learned from its own bloody, unenviable history of ethnic cleansing and empire building. But Germany is entangled in the US-led NATO construct which has continued to destabilize Europe by driving a wedge between Russia and her neighbors.

The US has emphatically proven to be NOT a neighbor to anyone, except Canada. Canadians have remained rightfully wary and strenuously non-subservient though also enmeshed in NATO.

We the People are completely failing to give credence to the psychological underpinnings of war -- MALE aggression and counter aggression; thrill-seeking; hunger for power and dominance; maiming, death and destruction; desensitization to violence, wide-ranging mental disorders, ALL of which are negative human attributes and outcomes that impede civilization and civil society progress in the area of universal human rights.

The Cheneyites are still in triumphal mode, through the failed Iraq and Afpak strategies and continuing to gain ground, even in this self-proclaimed \"change\" administration.

We the Women can and must lead Change in this continuing horror equation.

Chithra KarunaKaran

Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice

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German Limits on War Are Facing Reality in Afghanistan
KUNDUZ, Afghanistan — Forced to confront the rising insurgency in once peaceful northern Afghanistan, the German Army is engaged in sustained and bloody ground combat for the first time since World War II.....(more at link)
Published: October 26, 2009

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