Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Greenpeace India Alert! Grow Food, Plant Trees, Don't Just Say NO!

Dear Greenpeace,

Greenpeace should GROW FOOD on Delhi sidewalks, PLANT TREES in India's cities.

Stand FOR something, not always as a naysayer. It's just not enough to just say NO.
Of course we can and must criticize Chavan but it is ridiculous to "arrest" Chavan. Chavan is a policy maker and that is his legal responsibility -- to make policy.

It is of course our responsibility, as Indians, as citizens, as residents, as people who care, to stop the BRAI from taking healthy food from the hungry mouths of millions of our sisters and brothers, our children suffering from malnutrition and from developmental delays.

Maybe Greenpeace could plant an organic vegetable garden in Parliament as well as in the space in front of Chavan's official Delhi residence. Let's DO it.

I am an ardent supporter of Greenpeace India activism. I usually sign up on all your excellent petitions.

But in addition to protest, Greenpeace must say YES and Do YES.

Otherwise all you do is protest. That is not good enough for Greenpeace India. Protest is a necessary but not sufficient strategy for Greenpeace India.

Greenpeace India has to build a new democratic model for energizing civil society in India.

Remember Gandhi? His life was his message. He DID something. He cleaned toilets. He spun. He made salt. His life was his message. He didn't just protest.

The old India is still the New India, an inspiring, ethical continuity from old to new. That's what we want for our country, our unprecedented democracy.

So Greenpeace India, Tweak your strategy. DO what you stand for, don't just protest. DO MORE and BE More.

Sincere Regards,

Chithra KarunaKaran
New York, NY

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