Monday, December 6, 2010

Dominant-Caste Hindu Advocates Tri-Partition -- AGAIN

Dominant caste Hindu Minister Advocates Tri-Partition -- Again.

I don't call them High caste, I call them Dominant castes. Or Oppressor castes.
The burden of proof is on these self-privileged individuals to PROVE that they care MORE about the Greater Collective Good (GCG), rather than their own selfish economic and political interests.

Sham Lal Sharma, the Brahmin J&K Minister of Health & Horticulture [what a ridiculous dual portfolio, an insult to Aam Koshur interests] recently advocated Tri-Partition, dividing Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh, and allowing Valley separatists to rule Kashmir.

Never trust dominant caste Hindus.

They divided India in 1947, by colluding with the Brits, and now they are at it again in 2010.

They always promote their own dominant-caste economic interests, they will never support the rightful demands to peace, prosperity and unity of Aam Koshur in the Valley, in the great state of J&K, which is an integral part of India.

Look who the separatists are -- Geelani, Arundhati Roy, the dominant caste-Hindus are all on the same side. Now we see a clearer picture emerging.

The BJP/RSS, on the other hand are anti-separatism BUT they are pseudo-nationalists, because they are also caste-dominant and support dominant-caste interests

Therefore, Aam Janta Kashmiris, Aam Koshur can never ally with the BJP. Aam Koshur do not need the BJP/RSS to advise them about their rights as Indian citizens.
Aam Koshur REJECT the BJP/RSS, especially in the Valley and in Ladakh.
In Jammu BJP/RSS are buttressed by dominant-caste landed and powerful large-scale business interests.

On the OPPOSITE side of ALL these separatists and pseudo-nationalists, are the ordinary people of J&K (ordinary people like you and me) who want Education, Employment, Job Training, Microcredit, Gender Equity, Healthcare, Housing, Environmental Conservation and other demonstrable indicators of Social Justice and Human Dignity.

WE the People of India, including J&K, especially Aam Koshur, will win against ALL these separatists, pseudo-nationalists and dominant-caste vested interests.

I have volunteered as an educator in the Valley and in Ladakh for 3 years, and I have tried to educate myself by living with working families, observing and participating in the situation on the ground, as well as constructing a geopolitical analysis from a socio-historical point of view.

Dr. Chithra KarunaKaran
Professor Social Sciences
City University of New York (CUNY)
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice

TOI copyright on J&K Tri-partition call by dominant caste minister Sham Lal Sharma

Rising Kashmir copyright

Coalition simmers over Sham’s K remark

Statement under scanner: CM; NC upset, Cong blames media

Shabir Dar

Jammu, Dec 08: Health Minister Sham lal Sharma’s controversial remarks about trifurcation of the state are being examined and would be followed with due action if deemed necessary, said Chief Minister Omar Abdullah here Wednesday.

Meanwhile, National Conference has termed Sham’s “attempt to link” his remarks to the statements of senior party leader Mustafa Kamal as “unwarranted and uncalled for” even as Congress blamed media for “exaggerating” the minister’s statement.
“Due notice has been taken of the minister’s statement at an appropriate quarter. Please, allow them to examine the statement and in what context the statement was made. Whatever, action has to be taken will follow the examination of the statement,” Omar told reporters on the sidelines of a function here.
A day after Sham sought to clarify the context of his December 5 statement referring to senior NC leader Mustafa Kamal’s criticism of Congress party in recent times, NC objected to the minister’s “attempt to link” his controversial remarks with Kamal.
“It is very unfortunate that the minister has linked his statement with NC and its leadership,” read a statement issued by NC.
Stating that Kamal never made any remarks challenging the integrity of the state, the statement added, “He (Kamal) was infact admonished publically by NC President Farooq Abdullah on December 5 at Hazratbal for making certain remarks on Congress-NC relationship of the past.”
“He categorically asked Kamal not to make any statement on the historical perspective of the relationship between the two parties in the larger interest of the present coalition.”
Meanwhile, Congress leaders seem defiant over Sham’s remarks. “What wrong Sham has said? He has said that Jammu is not getting its due share in development and allocation of funds. His statement was blown out of proportion,” said a senior Congress leader.
Even, PCC Chief Saiffuddin Soz has come in support of the Congress minister saying, “Media has made mountain out of a molehill.”
Responding to Sham’s Tuesday statement, NC has asserted that the party always stood for the integrity of the state and for equitable development of all regions.
“Coalition under the leadership of chief minister Omar Abdullah is running very smoothly and working for the welfare of the state. The party is committed to smooth functioning of the coalition in the state,” reads the NC statement.
“The responsible elements must exercise restraint and not vitiate the atmosphere of goodwill and bonhomie the two parties are enjoying,” it adds.
Meanwhile, according to sources, the health minister and his close aides in Congress party met at the residence of MP Madan Lal Sharma, who is also Sham’s brother, last evening to prepare “defensive strategy” in view of the controversy raked by his statement. Besides the Sharma brothers, the meeting was attended by at least five Congress leaders, sources said.
“It was decided that a collective effort be made to avoid any further damage and the last evening’s clarification statement was part of that,” sources added.
Sources said Madan Lal left for New Delhi on Wednesday and is expected to prepare a defensive ground within the party. He has also asked some of the senior party leaders from the state to support Sham.

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