Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day Mubarak!

May I has especial meaning this year for workers in Wisconsin.

On their behalf and in support of our own right, held individually and collectively, to human dignity through work, we celebrate May 1, locally and globally.

The Arab Spring is driven by working people. Call them protesters but they are workers.
That Gandhian ethos of activism for social justice through collective conscience and self-renewal has just begun to touch yet again (they had their chance in the 40's -60's), the post-colonial-imperial peoples of societies in West Asia and North Africa.
This culture area is referred to by dominant former colonizing states and current neo-imperial states as the Middle East -- Middle of what? East of where?
A colonial-imperial construct to dislocate the peoples of those lands on yet another May Day Remembrance.

Now off to spend some hours reflecting in historic Union Square, New York City. Gandhi's statue stands in a little corner of the park there.

May Day Mubarak!

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