Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reason v Religion

Reason v Religion..

There is no society
 in the history of humanity
that does not make
"collective representations"
of its beliefs.

as individuals,
as mammals,
make representations beginning in early childhood.

To make representations
is to demonstrate social-cognitive ability.

The problem arises
when dominant Power is used
by certain members of society (mainly male patriarchs)
to define who can represent,
and who/what will be represented.

Certain religionists (again mainly male)
go to destructive lengths
to define, 

dominate these representations.

Q. Need I name the relatively recent religion
that most displays this destructive power
to control representations, 

especially of women?

Look into your conscience, religionists.

Submission wont help
Reasoning will!

Complying wont help
Reasoning will!
Praying wont help,

Reasoning will!
Reason v Religion..

Chithra KarunaKaran

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