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Pak Feudal Billionaires and US Militarism

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Pak Feudal Billionaires and US Militarism

Zardari, feudal landowner and billionaire is in Washington with a begging bowl in his hand. He is being turned into a total US stooge.

The money that he gets as a bribe from the US will never reach the suffering people of Pakistan, now desperate refugees in their own country. Pakistan is attacking its own people. The Pakistani people will never forgive their current leaders for this assault, and they will be forced to turn more and more to the multiple factions of the Taliban and the tribal chieftains.
This attack on the Pakistani people, at the relentless prodding of the US, is predictably the beginning of a new phase in Pakistan’s violent and troubled history.

Pakistan, weakened by Partition in 1947, and fed a steady diet of hate by their corrupt leaders, against India (which has more Muslims than Pakistan) has been manipulated and exploited by the US since the early 50’s.

This is a tragic state of affairs for the Pakistani people whom I regard as my sisters and brothers.

Chithra Karunakaran
Ethical Democracy As Lived Practice
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Pakistan Pounds Taliban, Swelling the Tide of Refugees
Pakistanis arriving Friday at a refugee camp in Mardan, in the North-West Frontier Province, after fleeing the Buner district.

Published: May 8, 2009

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