Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Billion Hearts Beating to WIN! INDIA World Cup 2011 Champions

A Billion Hearts Beating as ONE --- to WIN

And win we did, magnificently, with that towering SIX.

India beat a great,great Sri Lanka side to win by 6 wickets.
Dhoni hit that six to send India over the top.

Hindus Muslims Sikhs playing together under a foreign Christan Coach.

India -- Big on Democracy Big on the field.


So much to learn on the path of Ethical Democracy no matter when and where we play the Game of Life.

I loved Sri Lanka captain's concession speech. Sangakkara.

I admired the way Dhoni corrected blustering Ravi Shastri who was trying to be American by saying "You have had critics, now you can tell them to shut up and let your bat do the talking." So brashly, rudely Yankee and does Ravi think he has to be one?

Dhoni replying:

"No, in India that would be rude."

Love the combination of competence and humility of the India side, led by the great Mahi.

Let's hope we never lose that combination of competence and humility that we learned from Gandhiji.

What's left to say?

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